Google Search – 360º iPad Unit

360º interactive DoubleClick unit

To expand the reach of the Google Search App and encourage downloads of the iPad version, we created an interactive unit that utilized the iPad’s gyroscope and accelerometer.

Users were presented with a 360º image of the Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta) and invited to move their iPad around them to view the full scene. As they did, Google microphones appeared to reveal an interesting/fun question and answer for the user to discover. In doing so this showcased the functionality and utility of the Google Search App.

My Responsibilities

  • • Creation of After Effects prototype to show (and sell) the concept/functionality to the clients
  • • Lead on best practices the new placement style and technology for DoubleClick Studio
  • • Collaboration with DC for previewing methods and troubleshooting functionality
  • - Coordination of shoot in Atlanta and working with the Film Team to secure permissions, access, etc.
  • • Explaining and working through hardware/technical limitations with both internal teams and clients
  • • Led multiple workshops (both internal and with clients) to ensure collaboration and signoff of ideas
  • • Ownership of all budgets and timelines
  • • Oversight of all wireframes, IA work, reporting/analytics
  • • Recommendations on optimization and improvements to initial build
  • • Responsible for updating all internal stakeholders on progress and updates
  • • Creation of all scope and technical documentation with Google Brand Studio engineers


  • • 0.37% Expansion rate
  • • Up to 45 second average interaction time
  • • 120,000 microphone clicks