Airbnb – Holidays Initiatives

Mobile webapp

Airbnb wanted to engage their active social community to create and share  content around the holiday period of 2016. The insight was that our various holiday traditions and customs (whether family, cultural, or personal) transcend the physical place we’re in… and open us up to new variations or interpretations of them.

The creative device we landed on was, ‘Same X, different Y’ with the Y being a variable tied to an Airbnb home. For example: a different view, different weather, a different room…

A mobile site was built in 2 weeks to let people upload photos, add a custom illustrated filter and then share out on social.

My Responsibilities

  • • Scoping and building requirements with Airbnb and the internal creative team while in creative development
  • • Briefing, bidding, and recommending production partners capable of pulling off the aggressive development timeline
  • • Creative inspiration and development with the internal teams
  • • Oversight of art and film producers throughout all stages of the project
  • • Client management through QA and push to Production