Google Impact Challenge – Bay Area 2015 Platform

Desktop/Mobile Platform

For the second year of the Google Impact Challenge Bay Area, Google wanted to extend the voting process beyond as well as make updates to the existing website. This article from Ad Week captures some of the highlights.

The website was overhauled to adopt Google Material Design principles, custom interactive/paper posters (used at a range of locations around the Bay Area – baseball games, privately owned cafes and shops, food trucks, etc) and interactive bus shelters were created to allow real world voting.

My Responsibilities

  • • Key authority for education on best practices Google web design principles and Material Design
  • • Led multiple workshops (both internal and with clients) to ensure collaboration and signoff of ideas and UX
  • • Project manager for interactive/paper posters - ensuring users were given appropriate feedback and measures to prevent voting fraud
  • • Ongoing optimization & maintenance of the site throughout the 4 month competition period with 4 phases
  • • Ownership of all budgets and timelines
  • • Oversight and collaboration of all wireframe creation and IA work
  • • Responsible for updating all internal stakeholders on progress and updates
  • • Oversight and review of all reporting/analytics
  • • Creation of all scope and technical documentation with Google Brand Studio teams
  • • Partnering with Google security engineers for hosting and engineering requirements