Google Made With Code – Holiday Lights Project

Connected Installation

“I can’t imagine a bigger, better way to show the power of code than lighting up the tree at Christmas time at The White House.” – Danielle Feinberg (Made with Code Mentor)

Google Made with Code partnered with The White House and the National Parks Service for the 92nd Annual National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the President’s Park in Washington.

Young girls were able to code their own Christmas tree lighting design which was shown on the 56 Christmas trees in front of The White House. Working with Nexus Interactive Arts, we created the website and light installation programme that enabled young girls to code their own unique light design using an visual programming language called Blockly.

The girls were able to alter the colour, pattern and movement of the lights to create their own light show. Once created, their design was uploaded onto one of the 56 trees – each representing a different US state or territory.

My Responsibilities

  • • Project lead for all digital/interactive/installation work
  • • Proposal and lead of 2 week prototype/discovery period
  • • Ownership of all budgets and 5 week development timeline
  • • Responsible for updating all internal stakeholders on progress and updates
  • • Oversight and review of all reporting/analytics
  • • Collaboration/creation of all scope and technical documentation with Google Brand Studio
  • • Lead contact with Google security engineers for hosting and development requirements
  • • Liaising with multiple partners and companies (National Parks, The White House, Bounce - Live TV production, Nexus Interactive Arts and 3 other production companies).
  • • Coordination with live TV event on December 5th 2014
  • • 3.5 weeks on location in Washington D.C.
  • • Understanding and relaying challenges of implementing on an inherited site and framework (Java with GWT)


  • • 3min time on site
  • • Over 600,000 trees coded
  • • A shoutout by President Obama
  • LLB IDEAS Award